Buildings in Gardens, 9 December 2021

Antique Restoration, 12 January 2022

Adam Partridge, 10 February 2022

Tailor of Taste, 10 March 2022

In and Out of The Vatican, 14 April 2022




The Linton Antique Society was founded in 1973 with the aim of holding regular meetings where members could discuss aspects of the arts and crafts, and to promote fellowship with like-minded societies. Today, the Society pursues broadly similar aims through its annual seasons of talks and discussions on all aspects of the applied and fine arts – ranging across pictures, fabrics, ceramics, furniture, interior design, architecture, lighting, carpets, clocks or, indeed, anything that we encounter in our domestic or public environments – and their relationship with social history.  If there is a strong Yorkshire connection, all the better!
We regularly attract distinguished expert speakers who provide knowledgeable and entertaining insights into their subject so that, whether you already know a lot about a topic or never imagined you could have an interest in it, you’ll discover something new.

THE 2021-22 SEASON

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Society’s 2020-21 programme was held entirely online. We plan to return to our usual venue, Linton Memorial Hall, for five of this coming season’s talks, Covid restrictions permitting, with just two – in January and February 2022 – delivered online by Zoom.  If we have to stop using the Hall because of Covid, our speakers will present their talks on Zoom so our programme will not have be cancelled.
We will keep you informed about the measures to observe when using the Hall in the monthly email reminder sent out shortly before each talk. Please inform the Membership Secretary of any change to your email address or if you are not receiving reminder emails.

This year’s programme now starts on 11 November with Alison Telfer's talk about the Silk Road, the famous trading route between China and Europe. In December, David Winpenny, who has spoken to us before on Wentworth Woodhouse, reflects on exotic influences on the eccentric buildings that grace many grand gardens.

The first of our two planned Zoom presentations comes from the Sheffield workshop of Chris Wells who will give a rare insight into the work of the antiques restorer.
The well-known auctioneer and television personality, Adam Partridge, will reveal how he balances media demands with the pressures of running two busy auction houses in his Zoom talk in February.

Back in the Memorial Hall in March, Jeremy Burton tells the remarkable story of his grandfather who fled to Britain from Russia and founded the iconic Leeds tailoring firm.
n April we will finally hear Joyce Hiil’s talk about the Vatican, postponed from April 2020.

We end the season on 12 May with the intriguing story of Joseph Briggs who emigrated to America and became Louis Tiffany’s right-hand man.

Because of the uncertainties about Covid, we have not yet organised an Annual Outing but we are hoping to do so.  We will email members by as soon as we organise one.

On this website you’ll find details of current and past programmes, background information about many subjects, and information on how to become a member

The Society and its programme is organised by a committee, elected by members at the Annual General Meeting held each year.  The members of the committee for 2021-22 are:
Mrs Judy Cooper (Membership Secretary)
Mr Robert Haskins (Treasurer)
Mr Michael Harvey (Web & Publicity)
Mrs Anne Hoyle (Secretary)
We warmly welcome enquiries from members interested in joining the committee and helping at meetings – please contact the Secretary.
You can contact members of the committee through our CONTACT page.