Exotic Woods & Empire,
12 October 2023

Ogdens of Harrogate;
9 November 2023

Linley - a Continuing Tradition,
14 December 2023

John Atkinson Grimshaw,
11 January 2024

Maria Brontë,
8 February 2024




The Linton Antique Society was founded in 1973 with the aim of holding regular meetings where members could discuss aspects of the arts and crafts, and to promote fellowship with like-minded societies. Today, the Society pursues broadly similar aims through its annual programme of talks on all aspects of the applied and fine arts – ranging across pictures, fabrics, ceramics, furniture, interior design, architecture, lighting, carpets, clocks or, indeed, anything that we encounter in our domestic or public environments – and their relationship with social history. If there is a strong Yorkshire connection, all the better.

We are now in our 51st season and we hope that you will find our varied programme of interest. In particular, we have two presentations that focus on furniture making. The first, on 12 October, by Adam Bowett, examines a little-known consequence of British colonialism – the availability of exotic woods – that influenced the development of British furniture design from 1600 to the First World War.  The second talk, on 14 December, brings us right up to date, with Nicholas Merchant exploring the work of contemporary designer David Linley whose style references the great classic furniture makers.
On 9 November, Robert Ogden of the well-known Harrogate jewellery firm will talk about its founder and the firm’s place in the jewellery industry. It’s a story that involves royalty, major historical figures and – Tutankhamun!

Our two Zoom talks on 11 January and 8 February feature art historian Tim Stimson on the life and work of Leeds-born painter John Atkinson Grimshaw, and journalist and biographer Sharon Wright telling the story of Maria Brontë, the mother of that remarkable literary family born in Haworth and the subject of Sharon’s recent acclaimed book.

We return to the Memorial Hall on 14 March for Lesley Newnham to take us back to 18th century Clifford-cum-Boston at the point when it became Boston Spa. She will look at some of the personalities involved in its development and the splendid Georgian properties built before it was eclipsed in popularity by Harrogate. Finally, on 11 April, Hanne Sutcliffe will present her talk on Chinese Wallpapers that we had to postpone from the 2022-23 season.

You don’t have to be a member to attend our talks – you can come as a ‘guest’ and pay a fee of £10 on the night.  However, we believe our membership fee of £25 (individual) and £25 (joint) is remarkable value – it gives you access to all seven talks, including two online, this season. Go to our membership page for more information and an application form.

On this website you’ll also find details of current and past programmes, as well as background information about many subjects, and information on how to become a member

The Society and its programme is organised by a committee, elected by members at the Annual General Meeting held each year.  The members of the committee for 2023-24 are: Judy Cooper (Membership Secretary)
Robert Haskins (Treasurer)
Michael Harvey (Web & Publicity)
Anne Hoyle (Secretary)
Alison Smith
We warmly welcome enquiries from members interested in joining the committee and helping at meetings – please contact the Secretary.
You can contact members of the committee through our Contact page.