Georg Jensen (1866-1935)


Compot with grapes. Design 263 by Georg Jensen, 1918.

The early books about Jensen are in Danish,for example Georg Jensen, En kunstner-hans tid og slægt (Georg Jensen, An Artist: His Time & Family) by Walter Schwartz, 1958.

However, there are many others in English:
Janet Drucker Georg Jensen: a Tradition of Splendid Silver, Atglen: Schiffer Publishing Ltd. (2nd revised edition), 2001.
Janet and William Drucker Georg Jensen: 20th Century Designs, Atglen: Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2002.
Lloyd Herman and Erik Lassen Georg Jensen Silversmithy: 77 Artists, 75 years, Washington DC, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1980.
Jacob Thage Danish Jewelry, Copenhagen: Komma & Clausen, 1990. (In Danish and English)
David A Taylor and Jason W Laskey Georg Jensen, Holloware: The Silver Fund Collection London: The Silver Fund plc, 2003.
Isabelle Anscombe, Mirjam Gelfer-Jorgensen, Toni Greenbaum and Susan Weber Soros Georg Jensen, Jewelry: The Silver Fund Collection, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2003. (David A Taylor of The Silver Fund was also involved with this book)
Michael Krogsgaard and Liv Carøe with Jørgen Frimand and Maria Damm The Unknown Georg Jensen, Copenhagen: The Georg Jensen Society, 2004.

There are many more books listed in the bibliographies of the above titles.

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Georg Jensen Museum (Georg Jensen Museet), Amager Torv 6, Copenhagen, Denmark 1160.

A list of 46 museums in USA & Europe with collections of George Jenson silverware can be found on page 299 of Georg Jensen: a Tradition of Splendid Silver’ by Janet Drucker.

There is a society devoted to Jenson's life, work and legacy - the Georg Jenson Society This link takes you to an interview with its Chairman, Michael Krogsgaard.

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