Lars Tharp, 18 March 2012

A Christmas Carol,10 December 2020

John Ruskin, 14 January, 2021

Frederick Belmont
100 years of Bettys, 8 April 2021

Charles Hanson
Charles Hanson, 13 May 2021


The Linton Antique Society was founded in 1973 with the aim of holding regular meetings where members could discuss aspects of the arts and crafts, and to promote fellowship with like-minded societies. Today, the Society still pursues broadly similar aims by organising annual seasons of talks and discussions on all aspects of the applied and fine arts – ranging across pictures, fabrics, ceramics, furniture, interior design, architecture, lighting, carpets, clocks or, indeed, anything that we encounter in our domestic or public environments – and their relationship with social history.  If there is a strong relevant local Yorkshire connection, all the better!

We regularly attract distinguished expert speakers who provide knowledgeable and entertaining insights into their subject so that, whether you already know a lot about a topic or never imagined you could have an interest in it, you’ll discover something new.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Society has been unable to proceed with its planned 2020-21 programme. We initially feared that we would have to abandon this year’s activities altogether. However, we have decided to embark on an online season of talks and presentations using Zoom.  The season starts on 10 December 2020 in a distinctly Christmas mood with a dramatized reading of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol by actor Chris Cade as the curmudgeonly Scrooge, and continues until May 2021.

In January,  Suzanne Fagence Cooper looks at the life of John Ruskin, the pre-eminent critic of the Victorian art world whose writings on art, life and society are as relevant today  as they were then, may be even more.

Ralph Hoyle delivers some more of his insights into 18th century silver in February and in March we welcome the distinguished author and ceramics expert, Lars Tharp, who will talk about his career and discuss the significance of ceramics in the work of Hogarth.

April’s meeting brings us closer to home as Mardi Jacobs, the archivist for Bettys & Taylors, tells the fascinating story of how Bettys became a Yorkshire institution over the hundred years since it was first founded by a Swiss immigrant. 

We end in May, with auctioneer Charles Hanson of TV’s Bargain Hunt who reveals some of the finds discovered during the unpromising periods of lockdown this year.

Sadly, Covid-19 has also put paid to organised Society visits this season, and we hope that we can reintroduce these as and when the situation changes.

On this website you’ll find details of current and past programmes, background information about many subjects, and information on how to become a member.  We hope that you will enjoy our programme of events.

The Society and its programme is organised by a committee, elected by members at the Annual General Meeting held each year.  The members of the committee for 2020-21 are:

Mrs Judy Cooper (Membership Secretary)
Mr Robert Haskins (Treasurer)
Mr Michael Harvey (Web & Publicity)
Mrs Anne Hoyle (Secretary)
You can contact members of the committee through our CONTACT page.